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Motor sport Insurance —- a cover under the Hood


Motor sport Insurance is the cornerstone for insurance companies. Over here motor sport insurance companies are very specific as they address the insurance needs for high risk exposure to this very thrilling and dangerous sport. One can say that there is no other dangerous sport than motor sports where ones reflexes are tested to the limit. A split second diversion of mind could result in catastrophe.


The motor sport insurance is a regulatory body that regulates the insurance industry. Some of the questions one usually ask about motor sports insurances could be as follows:

Are all damages covered?
Cover insurance for damages is only restricted to the chassis, suspension and bodywork. However the consumable items like tire fluids and bake pads are excluded. However in case of an accident made on impact with a wall the insurance policy could replace the damaged engine or gear box.

Will payment be made if there is damage to property or third party?
The cover is mainly for the damaged vehicle and there is no such insurance for damage to third party or property.

Are additional drivers also covered under the insurance scheme?
This scheme can be extended to the additional driver but that would only increase the cost of one owns insurance and could also increase the premium.

If a policy is taken and the track date is cancelled then what happens?
In such cases the notification needs to be made to the concerned authorities before the cars go on to the race track. A hold can then be made and the account can be used on another track day.

Can the standard road cover insurance be used for a motor sport day?
This is definitely not possible as road cover insurance and track day cover insurance differ.

What is the difference if the insured vehicle is financed?
Some insurance companies will quote a difference in insurance rates. In that case the finance company will ask one to carry full coverage. That would mean that one would have to take a collision and comprehensive coverage on the policy.

In Insurance hot line the driver needs to fill an online form and answer few basic questions related to age and health. Based on this information insurance companies determine the lowest rate offered by a list of licensed network insurance agencies and then present the lowest rate to the consumer.

In collision coverage it is an optional one to purchase. However higher deductible only lowers the insurance premium. Comprehensive coverage covers the accidental cost or theft or vandalism, earthquake or explosion. This is also optional.

In case of theft of motor race cars and its parts there are insurance companies that ensure a hundred per cent successful prosecution rate. In cases of theft the driver must report about the theft within twenty one days of policy inception. In case of fire to the equipment one must have all the details supported with documentation before presenting the case to the insurers.

Car hire – Big Business in small vehicles


Travelling by car is very helpful where local transport do not go. Thus it is very convenient as well saves time instead of waiting for the next transport. It also has another advantage that it ends up being cheaper when travelling in a group. It is always better to rent a car along with a local driver who would be helpful in knowing the area like the back of his hand rather than experimenting by self driving. However there are a few disadvantages in renting a car such as traffic conditions vary in different parts. Also some countries offer different license plates for rental cars like at the Nürburgring. This is a problem because thieves normally prefer to rob such cars knowing that they are less likely to testify in case of theft.

Pricing – very important factor

The pricing of a rental car is done on the basis of number of hours or days that it is being rented for. Cars are normally classified into small, large, prestige and special vehicles. Some car rentals give a let off on price if the car is late by an hour on return. However after over an hour car rentals could be as steep as charging for a full day rental. Most rental companies have a one day rental period which can be extended. The normal types of cars are categorized as Economy, Intermediate, Standard and Luxury.

Distance Charges variable rates

Some car rental companies may draw a line as to how far the vehicle can be driven in one day. If exceeded then an additional charge is levied. Some companies have unlimited mileage that can be covered in a single day. Violating some rules can prove to be very costly in trying to get to one’s destination by taking short cuts.

Choosing a car as per the needs

One can choose a car as per his or her needs. The following points may be taken into consideration when choosing a vehicle:

  • If a rental car is equipped with automatic transmission then it is better to opt for that vehicle, however renting such cars having automatic transmission may turn out to be costlier.
  • It is always better to get a vehicle that has space for both passengers and luggage. The car may not be the right one that one is looking for but the boot space is more important than the model.
  • If the roads are low lying one should choose a car that has a high road clearance and is a four wheel drive.
  • If the drive is being under taken in places where the weather is harsh it is wise to choose a vehicle that is fitted with snow tires. Rental companies will definitely charge extra if the snow tires are fitted in their cars.
  • Most rental cars can provide a GPS navigation system along with car. Sometimes the cars come with a built in GPS system. It is always sensible to check out the charge of cars coming with this system. Sometimes it is cheaper to have one owns GPS mechanism.
  • Some rental cars do provide child seats or booster seats.


Fitness for Motor Sports

Being in your top form is very imperative for motor sports athletes. A recent survey regarding the fitness of car drivers established that most people are very responsive of the fitness necessities of motor sport drivers. They require to be both physically and mentally tough, and to make use of all sport science regulation to make the most of their performance.

Fitness Training for Motorsports: If you are among the motorsports athletes, you need to have the following strength and fitness training in order to stay fit for the sport always:

  • Muscle Strength: Due to the elevated amount of forces that the drivers generally go through, they must have great neck muscle strength. On the whole, the head and helmet weighs almost 6 kg. With additional G-forces when cornering, the neck has to hold up equal to 30kg! To augment the neck strength, you require preparing your neck muscles using elastic bands to conjure up the G-forces. Some kind of detailed rowing and weightlifting exercises can also lend a hand in making the neck muscles stronger. Other parts of the body that are under stress during racecar driving are the shoulders, back, arms and legs, and exercises for these should also be incorporated in any strength training curriculum.
  • Cardiovascular fitness: Cardiovascular fitness is significant for race car drivers. When you are during a race, the heart rate can be as high as 198 beats per minute, measured up to an inactive heart rate of 40-60 per minute. In addition to that, ample of practice laps, race car drivers do additional cardiovascular training like running, swimming or cycling, to get the body into a perfect shape and preserve the proper level of fitness.

Get Fit For Speed

If you are in motorsports, you must maintain the proper force on your vehicle and look at the surroundings, other competitors and the environmental changes that might arise. Other than that, you must look at the body and to see if you have enough hear tolerance and pressure adaptation. The fitness programs for the motorsport are planned to provide the driver the viable edge by training 5 key components that are directly connected to motorsports. These 5 components are:

  • Reaction
  • Focus
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility

The fitness training and military style diet required for motorboats help the racers to train in programs like auto racing, motorsport sports like drifting, freestyle motocross etc. No matter what your style is, there is a definite program for you. The services that area available for the trainers are:

  • 1 on 1 driver specific program design
  • Race event specific program design
  • Pit Crew Group Training
  • Track Support that includes warming up before race, post race stretch massages, customized nutrition as well as hydration plans.
  • Massage for Motorsports
  • Virtual Training programs for the non-local and traveling clients

It also provides many kinds of arrangement of training tools like Kettlebells, free weights, Bosu and Indo Boards, TRX, huge tractor tires and sledge hammers, jump ropes, fixed strength training equipment and many other that you may need whenever you try to recreate the stress that you get while racing. It helps the body to push beyond your limits.

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