Travelling by car is very helpful where local transport do not go. Thus it is very convenient as well saves time instead of waiting for the next transport. It also has another advantage that it ends up being cheaper when travelling in a group. It is always better to rent a car along with a local driver who would be helpful in knowing the area like the back of his hand rather than experimenting by self driving. However there are a few disadvantages in renting a car such as traffic conditions vary in different parts. Also some countries offer different license plates for rental cars like at the Nürburgring. This is a problem because thieves normally prefer to rob such cars knowing that they are less likely to testify in case of theft.

Pricing – very important factor

The pricing of a rental car is done on the basis of number of hours or days that it is being rented for. Cars are normally classified into small, large, prestige and special vehicles. Some car rentals give a let off on price if the car is late by an hour on return. However after over an hour car rentals could be as steep as charging for a full day rental. Most rental companies have a one day rental period which can be extended. The normal types of cars are categorized as Economy, Intermediate, Standard and Luxury.

Distance Charges variable rates

Some car rental companies may draw a line as to how far the vehicle can be driven in one day. If exceeded then an additional charge is levied. Some companies have unlimited mileage that can be covered in a single day. Violating some rules can prove to be very costly in trying to get to one’s destination by taking short cuts.

Choosing a car as per the needs

One can choose a car as per his or her needs. The following points may be taken into consideration when choosing a vehicle:

  • If a rental car is equipped with automatic transmission then it is better to opt for that vehicle, however renting such cars having automatic transmission may turn out to be costlier.
  • It is always better to get a vehicle that has space for both passengers and luggage. The car may not be the right one that one is looking for but the boot space is more important than the model.
  • If the roads are low lying one should choose a car that has a high road clearance and is a four wheel drive.
  • If the drive is being under taken in places where the weather is harsh it is wise to choose a vehicle that is fitted with snow tires. Rental companies will definitely charge extra if the snow tires are fitted in their cars.
  • Most rental cars can provide a GPS navigation system along with car. Sometimes the cars come with a built in GPS system. It is always sensible to check out the charge of cars coming with this system. Sometimes it is cheaper to have one owns GPS mechanism.
  • Some rental cars do provide child seats or booster seats.